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Remo Hi-Hat Clutch Quick Lock

Quick-release Memory Clutch with Locking Notch

Dialing in your preferred clutch tension used to be a guess-and-check affair — one that required adjustment every time you set up, changed cymbals, or stepped too hard on the pedal. Well, now you can say goodbye to the clutch-tuning performance ritual with the Remo Quick Lock Hi-hat Clutch. This clever device solves three major problems with traditional clutches. For starters, it makes switching cymbals a breeze; a locking pin assembly allows you to swap out your 13" Ks for your 16" As in a flash. Next, it preserves your hat-slosh sweet spot every time you rack up, resulting in quicker stage setups and exits. Finally, once the Quick Lock Hi-hat Clutch is set, it eliminates the possibility of cymbals loosening through play, giving you the freedom to focus on staying in the pocket and less on fussing with hardware. Dramatically improve the quality of life for your cymbal-setup with the Remo HK-9045-00 Quick Lock Clutch from.