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Dan de Buchananne


Dan de Buchananne started the Highland Bagpipe when he was in sixth grade in Silver Spring, Maryland. He received instruction from several notable pipers in the Washington D.C area, including Ed Krintz and Bob MItchell.  Dan also attended summer camps at the North American Academy of Piping, where he received instruction from Sandy Jones and the late John MacFadyen. Dan competed successfully in numerous solo piping competitions at the intermediate level.  He also played with the Denny and Dunipace Pipe Band of Washington D.C., which was one of the premier American pipe bands of the 1970s and early 1980s.  

After graduating from college, Dan pursued a career in the U.S. government which included service in the U.S. Navy and the Department of Justice.  Retirement has allowed Dan to dedicate more time to teaching and his passion for playing in competitive pipe bands. Dan currently plays with the MacMillan Pipe Band of Rockville, Maryland, which won the  2015 Grade 3 North American Championship in Maxville, Ontario. The MacMillan pipe band currently plays at the Grade 2 level and has competed successfully at events in the U.S., Canada, and Scotland.